MOE History

Our History

MOE at Hatboro-Horsham in 2022

MOE at Lehigh in 2018

    Once upon a time there was a company called DuPont. In 1999, the Company embarked on a new journey called FIRST to encourage science and technology education in the area. The new team decided to call itself the Miracle Workerz whose motto is Miracles of Engineering (MOE). In its first season the team won the Regional Xerox Creativity Award and ranked 8th at the National Championship. Ever since the start of MOE 365, the team colors have been iridescent green and black, and thus a bright green MOE legacy began...

       In its second year, 2001, the team grew from 20 to 44 students from 14 high schools along with 16 mentors. That year MOE was a finalist at the New Jersey Regional, winner at the Philadelphia Regional, winner in the Newton Division, and winner in the National Championship!

       Over the next couple of years MOE made a name for itself by representing the best in innovation, creativity, and team spirit. At the national level, MOE won the Spirit Award (2002), the Imagery Award (2004), KPC&B Entrepreneurship Award (2005), and the Engineering Inspiration Award (2006). MOE's spirit became infectious, inspiring more students all over the tri-state area to join the team while simultaneously inspiring the local community. Programs such as MORE Reading, Duel on the Delaware, and Diamond State FIRST Tech Challenge distinguished MOE from other teams, solidifying itself as a well-rounded FIRST team.

       At the 2005 and 2006 National Championships, MOE received the Chairman's Award Honorable Mention. In Atlanta in 2007 we achieved the culmination of many years of hard work, enthusiasm, and dedication. Thanks to all of our students, mentors, and parents, past and present, we were honored with the Championship Chairman's Award. We were invited to represent FRC and FIRST by visiting the White House and demonstrating the robot to President Bush. In addition, we attended a Congressional reception. That day was one that the team would never forget. Our own state legislatures, Pennsylvania and Delaware, invited the team to visit their capitals, and students received a State Commendation for their achievement.