Duel on the Delaware

What is the Duel?

The Duel on the Delaware is a competition run and sponsored by the MOE Robotics team along with team LuNaTeCs 316. The competitions are hosted at the Salem Community College, who have teamed up with MOE for the past 20 years! Along with being a great host, Salem Community College has provided college credits for students which are beneficial for participating students in the long run. To find additional information related to the competition, check out the Blue Alliance website!

History of the Duel

The Duel on the Delaware competitions originated in 2002, making this one of the longest-run competitions at the MOE Robotics Organization. This competition has been a monumental part of MOE history as it kicks off every MOE season off with a friendly event for all FIRST teams. Besides being a host, MOE has also been involved in the competitions from time-to-time as well. MOE has numerous wins and podium finishes, even winning an award the first year the competition had been introduced.